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22 November 2012

Pre-Christmas birthdays

I've been caught out yet again.  I go into Christmas mode in November trying to make sure I am not making Christmas cards on Christmas Eve (needless to say I usually fail) and forget about the birthdays.  There are a couple coming up and I only have one card done.  I know what I will be doing tomorrow night!  Here's another vintage creation for Pam.

18 November 2012


Took a day off work on Friday with every intention of doing a pre-Christmas tidy especially bedroom 3 which has become a fabric warehouse.  There are bags and piles everywhere and no chance that anyone can sleep in the bed.  Needless to say I didnt need much of an excuse to abandon this plan and make a card instead.  Our son Jon is going to a fancy Baptism today and wanted something special to take to the uber rich parents of the child.  I made a special keepsake card for him to take and he was really pleased.  The invitation said that the invitees should wear a touch of pink so the card just had to be pink.  Also made a box for the card t go in.  Hope the parents like it.

11 November 2012

Some Christmas stash

Just come back from a great few days in Berlin.  Used up some of my Air Miles and hubby came too so after my work was finished we had 2 full days to explore and explore we did.  Chilling out today as my walking muscles are all protesting....

Berlin was very Christmasy and I managed to pick up a few items of Christmas stash and cant wait to use them.  Particularly like a mini star book which has magnetic covers and makes into a tree ornament.  Will be getting the ruler out to measure this little baby up so I can do my own version.  Also in the stash are napkins, Christmas tea bags, gold rafia, green and gold ribbon (bought in a very upmarket shop called Ka De We so that I could get a carrier bag), chocolate santas and snowmen and some printed clear bags to make table favours.

24 October 2012

Another vintage card

Another vintage card because when Mr Mojo is being sparing with his presence I can always start a vintage card and he comes out to play.  Such alot of my cards recently have been for people leaving work that it was a pleasure that this went to someone having a big birthday- although hitting the big 50 meant that she was re-thinking her life and getting a new job.  Used some pretty papers I got in the bargain bin in Michaels on my trip in August and WO roses, and used a new border punch.

21 October 2012

Work in progress

 Had a great day yesterday doing some sewing at Gail Lawther's class to make a panel from her lovely book Glimpses of New Zealand. I chose to make the seascape which is foundation pieced and embellished with allsorts of lovely threads and beads.  On the day I got all the foundation piecing done with a mixture of batik fabrics and even managed to make a mini panel which I will use to make either a small picture or a couple of cards.  Hope I can find (make!) time to finish it and that it doesnt become yet another UFO.

Here's the basic piecing:

Getting ready for the embellishment

The mini version

15 October 2012

Another memory book

I really liked Rosemary Merry's demonstrations a couple of weeks ago on Create and Craft and I was curious when she kept talking about her many styles of memory books so I looked up her blog http://www.rosemarymerry.blogspot.co.uk/  and found a great tutorial using on piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper.  It is a video tutorial so the first thing I did was make up a book as a pattern and wrote all the dimensions on. Next I made a one using decorative paper to use as a memory book for someone who has recently left work.  Will be giving it to her tomorrow and hope she likes it.

11 October 2012


He is in denial but it is true- my lovely hubbie Paul is 60 day. Following rave reviews from our grown up kids he decided he would like to go to the Warner Bros Studio Tour 'The Making of Harry Potter' to celebrate the occasion, so deciding the theme of his birthday card was easy.  Bought some Creative Imaginations HP scrapbook papers and embellishments which I used for the card and I will make a couple of scrapbook pages with all the lovely pictures we took.  Here's the card and my favourite photo in Diagon Alley.

03 October 2012

Little ole wine drinker you.....

Three cards I made for 'gentlemen' using images from a Katy Sue CD.  Pity about the photos!  I took them before I reset my camera for our holidays. Took some lovely snaps on the cruise so I am thinking I had the set-up all wrong when I took these and over-compensated with the 'I'm feeling Lucky' button in Picasa when I edited them.  Must start scrapbooking all the holiday photos and the other photos taken during the Summer.

02 October 2012


Always find making cards for young men very difficult. For my nephew Iain's 21st at the weekend I thought long and hard and then came up with this collage effect with a travel theme.  Used lots of bits in my stash including Tim Holtz embellishments and Debbi Moore stamping magazine pages.  The reason I am gutted is that I posted it last Thursday and it hasnt arrived.  Fingers crossed it will eventually get there as there was a pressie inside as well.

Update: the card eventually turned up with excess postage to be paid

29 September 2012

Getting in the groove

I usually only make one card in a particular style at a time but during August I had alot of birthday cards to do, so when I made a card I liked I decided to run with it for 4 cards.  The papers are from a K&Co 12x12 double sided block and the embellishments are of the same design.  Like the differences between the cards.

The nights are drawing in.......

I have neglected my blog over the summer but I have been active on the crafty front and have plenty to write about.  No quilting which I had planned for the summer months but that is a different story.

First the card I made for my US friend Ilona.  I enjoy making cards for her as I know they are appreciated.  I used a Debbi Moore magazine picture with an oriental theme.  Very simple but the colours were lovely.

27 July 2012


Got all ready to use my new Nitwits Collection download called Petal Fresh but Mr Mojo didnt want to come out to play.  I hate it when nothing you do looks right.  After faffing around for more than an hour I salvaged the background paper and got into my comfort zone with a vintage card. Maybe it was the time pressure and the hot weather that made Mr Mojo run away. Hope he comes back soon as I have some quilting projects in mind whilst the Olympics are on.

13 July 2012

Waste not want not

I am the ultimate craft/fabric shopper with no time to make anything up and my house is heaving.  I should be tidying instead of blogging!  Wanted to share a quick make using a curtain tie backs which were bought and never used.  Decided to make fabric banners for Birthdays and Christmas using my stash of fabrics and my old favourite Bondaweb. Measured it out and then did the letters on the computer to the right size. Here is the Birthday one hung on the metal wall art which adorns my lounge wall.  Havent done any stitching yet but next time the sewing machine is out I will finish it off.

12 July 2012

Still loving the vintage

Every time I think about making a card I reach for a pile of lovely vintage photos that I have.  For my friend Sue I made a vintage card coupled with the delicious Chocolate Baroque download papers and Wild Orchid flowers.  Was pleased with how the 'hat pins' turned out- they are based on cheapy pins I got in the Pound Shop with pearl beads from my stash.

01 July 2012

Vintage card with a bit extra

Really enjoyed making this card for my friend Karen to celebrate her 50th. It took me alot longer than I anticipated though and my work area took nearly an hour to clear up afterwards as I used so many tools, techniques and different adhesives. The vintage image is one downloaded from the Magic Moonlight site and the cake easel card design came from this great tutorial here. About a year ago these cake cards seemed to be everywhere around blogland but I didnt get the chance to make one. As I wanted to do something special for Karen this was my opportunity.

30 June 2012

I've been in denial

One of my team at work left a couple of weeks ago....even as I type this I cant quite believe it...I have been in denial and consequently haven't posted the keepsake I made him.  I have been making them laugh at work by walking past Amit's old office and making comments about wondering if he is enjoying his holidays. Enough is enough and I have to realise he has moved on to bigger and better things. Will miss him.  Always make a keepsake for team members who leave and I am glad to say he was really touched.  The cover was made using www.wordle.net and the pages of the blank board-book were decorated with photos and work bits and bobs.

28 June 2012

Card for a guitar lover

Like many fellow cardmakers I find it difficult to make cards which appeal to young men.  Here is the card I made this week for a colleague who is a guitar techie for a rock band in his spare time, so I decided to base my card on guitars. The basic cards is from a MCS CD and the tags are pics from the web.  I spelled out Tobias' name in different makes of guitar. Maybe I over thought it too much.