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30 June 2012

I've been in denial

One of my team at work left a couple of weeks ago....even as I type this I cant quite believe it...I have been in denial and consequently haven't posted the keepsake I made him.  I have been making them laugh at work by walking past Amit's old office and making comments about wondering if he is enjoying his holidays. Enough is enough and I have to realise he has moved on to bigger and better things. Will miss him.  Always make a keepsake for team members who leave and I am glad to say he was really touched.  The cover was made using www.wordle.net and the pages of the blank board-book were decorated with photos and work bits and bobs.

28 June 2012

Card for a guitar lover

Like many fellow cardmakers I find it difficult to make cards which appeal to young men.  Here is the card I made this week for a colleague who is a guitar techie for a rock band in his spare time, so I decided to base my card on guitars. The basic cards is from a MCS CD and the tags are pics from the web.  I spelled out Tobias' name in different makes of guitar. Maybe I over thought it too much.

12 June 2012


There are alot of obsessive behaviour traits in my family and amongst the women folk it seems to show itself in the form of hoarding and collecting.  My Mum and I collect fabric which we just like to look at and stroke and then pack away in endless boxes which clutter the spare bedroom (s).  I'm mentioning this as I can feel myself slipping into the collecting mode with tea cups. What started as a weekend craft project to make tea cup candles is taking over. I cant pass a charity shop (and there are alot in my area) without popping in to see if I can find something interesting.  My husband isnt impressed as he is a bit of a minimalist and doesnt like clutter.

Here is a cup which has been part of my collection until recently but I have now parted with it as a gift to a friend.  I tried to research the origins of the 6364 marking- it is very similar to the Art Deco design Collingwood Blue Florinda 6494  but not quite. For once Google let me down.

Time to go and sort out some of my paper collection and make a couple of cards....seem to spend alot of time sorting and not enough crafting.

09 June 2012

London bus for Marilyn

Yesterday was my friend Marilyn's birthday.  It just had to be a Jubilee/British card as she recently had a holiday in London (she is from Pennsylvania USA) and had a great time.  (She very kindly brought be a goodie bag from Michaels!)

Used a London bus Penny Black image which I coloured with Promarkers. I enjoyed the colouring in more than I usually do as the shading didn't have to be so precise. Realise now that Tilda images were not good as my first introduction to alcohol pens.  The background is a Papermania Portabello Road paper.

07 June 2012


Wanted to blog about an internet site I read about on one of the blogs I follow. It is called Wordle and can be found at http://www.wordle.net/.  You throw in words and the programme arranges them artistically and you chose fonts and colour scheme. Used it for a leaving card for a friend who left work last week. Used words about work and then added the company logo and matted and layered the finished results with the logo colours. The recipient, Gwynne, was really thrilled with it.

04 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations

I'm sat watching Tom Jones on the Jubilee Concert on the TV and it reminded me that I haven't blogged anything this weekend and I have a few Jubilee related makes to share.

First of all the food.  On Friday we had a Jubilee afternoon tea at work with the donations for the cakes going to a very good cause.  I made 2 batches of cup cakes for the occasion- Eton Mess cup cakes and chocolate chip cup cakes - both of which were appreciated by the hungry hordes. Made the 'labels' from the Stephanie Weightman download.

Bought enough fabric for 3 London tote bags but only got one made up in time. Will get the other ones done for the Olympics.

Enjoying the weekend but I would be happy for it to have ended on a high with the concert tonight.