WELCOME: Just a bit of nonsense really from a paper crafter and quilter who loves to dabble in all sorts of crafts. It will give me a way of remembering my craft projects - and sharing them with others

28 January 2011


Time caught up with me this week and I ran out of time to do a really special card for Lou so I did something simple using- yes- a Debbi Moore CD.  A bit of glamour and glitz.  No more birthdays for a while so definitely going to do some sewing.

26 January 2011


January is a busy month for birthdays.  Here is the card I made for my old friend Babs. She has retired to Yorkshire (early retirement) to be closer to her oldest daughter and family so we dont see each other which is a shame.  This is another card made with Debbi Moore's CD- really into my blue and gold at the moment.  Looking forward to the 2nd copy of her Inspirations magazine which should be coming any day now.  One more card to make for January and then I am definitely going to get down to some quilting!


Really love Debbi Moore's Venetian Splendor CD and have done a couple of cards for January birthdays.  This is one for the lovely Delphine who works in my department.  I had forgotten how much I hate to handle feathers when I used them for decoration. I know it is an irrational fear but comes from visiting my Great Auntie's house when I was very young and turning her feather mattresses. I got it into my head that the feathers that escaped were white spiders coming to get me.

20 January 2011


It's time for a bit of fun.  I've entered a Pay It Forward over at another bloggers site so it's my turn now to Pay It Forward.

I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who comment on this post.  However, there is a catch, you must repost this, offering something handmade to 5 other people.  The rules state that it MUST be something handmade or homemade by YOU and must be sent to 5 other people during 2011.

If you would like to join in the fun, then be the first to post a comment and something handmade or homemade will be coming your way this year. 

16 January 2011


I have had a creative week - my mojo is back.  I made another two Venetian themed cards and will post them as I send them to their recipients.  Following one of my resolutions I made a couple of cards which were not masterpieces but still were successful and I was proud of them.

One was for my colleague Raakhi who had a baby on 2nd January. I used a card blank from a kit and then customised it and matched the colours in Word.

The other was for my friend Helen who has bought a substantial property in Wales.  As we all lived through the final frantic negotiations I felt part of it.  I wanted to customise the card and I used an on-line translator (or three) to find out the Welsh of 'Good Luck in your new home'. The daffodil images were from Joanna Sheen's Cardmaker's Year.  There is some decoupage but you cant see it in the picture.

I have just got two new CDs and am looking forward to using them.  The latest My Craft Studio celebrating the Glam Fifties and a completely new CD of wine lover's cartoons- should be great for men's cards.

11 January 2011


Sunday was my Mum's 83rd birthday. She is my crafting mentor and inspiration....she still creates the most beautiful items and sells her work locally. She loves Venetian masks and has a lovely collection in her home.  I bought the Debbi Moore CD just so that I could make her a card for her birthday with it.  I have also sent her the new Debbi Moore magazine so she can use the Venetian papers in it.  Here is my card.  Liked the triple fold and will be using this idea again.

It was also my Mum's closest friend's birthday on Sunday. Here is the Tilda card I did for Pam.  I decided not to add flowers because it was going in the post.

09 January 2011


If I put these resolutions in print it might make me stick to them!

  • Any Christmas card I send which has not been crafted by 1 December will have to be a bought one
  • It is not obligatory to send everyone a hand crafted card so I wont beat myself up if they are not all made by me
  • Birthday cards will be posted in plenty of time (no last minute crafting)
  • Every card does not have to be totally unique so I will start making  similar cards if I find a design I am happy with
  • I will create a craft room in the third bedroom and give back the dining room
  • I will make myself a bag using the Klimt inspired fabrics I have
  • I will make a lapquilt with the Clarice Clift fabrics I have
  • I will continue with my blog and improve the photography of my projects
  • I will make a start on the job of putting 25 years of holiday photos into scrapbooks 
  • I will scan all my hard copy photos for prosterity
I will check back at the end of the year to see how I did - several of these Resolutions were on last years list and I am running out of excuses.