WELCOME: Just a bit of nonsense really from a paper crafter and quilter who loves to dabble in all sorts of crafts. It will give me a way of remembering my craft projects - and sharing them with others

25 May 2011


Last Saturday was a manic day- I had it in my mind to finish the quilt I had started for Mike before we went out to his 60th birthday party at 4pm, Needless to say I didnt get it done and ended up having to get up early on Sunday to finish it and drop it round to him the next day. The green and cream blocks were made for a quilt-as-you-go bow tie project and I added it them further blocks made from wine patterned materials I had sent over from Keepsake Quilting in the USA. Not entirely happy with the finished result. I should have used the same colour for the border as the backing fleece. I realised after I had delivered it that it could have done with some large stitch quilting in the cream squares.

This is one time when last-minute Linda didnt pull it out of the bag but having a deadline made me get on with the project.


Now that I have all my Cuttlebug bits I am looking forward to really getting going.  Here is the card I made for Maz using the selection of the dies and embossing folders I have. Simple but effective.

A few weeks ago I ordered 2 storage carousels from Create and Craft but only one arrived.  On our recent trip to Sardinia I found a little art/craft shop selling decoupage paper and bought some pretty sheets which I thought would be perfect for decorating the carousel.  As usual I was doing this at the last minute and ending up giving it to her before it was fully dry.

Sad thing is that the 2nd one I ordered never arrived and they are now delisted so I wont be getting one.


For a few years I have had a photo of Portofino near Genoa on my wall in my office. Its there for 2 reasons - one, because it is one of my all time favourite places and two, because I think the picture would make a fantastic art quilt and I want to do it one day.

Whilst looking round to see what is new in blogland last night I found mention of this lovely quilt which has won a prize at an international quilt show in Houston.  

52-1/2" x 48"
It is called Port of Cassis (France) by Lenore Crawford of Midland, Michagan. At first look I thought it was my beloved Portofino but it isnt. Cant imagine being able to make a quilt to match this lovely work of art. Congratulations to Lenore.

24 May 2011


It's been a busy month so not much time for blogging but very busy for crafting.  First of all here are a couple of quick cards I made this month.  First of all a cheery butterfly from a C&C kit for Raakhi.

Here is the one I did for Lisa and she was really pleased with it. Another Debbi Moore card from the magazine freeby pages with some die cutting goodness done with the Bug.

07 May 2011


A bit of sewing for a change....Kat went to her friend Helen's hen weekend and as the theme was 50's prom she wanted to wear a poodle skirt. She used the fab eBay to get the basic skirt and I obliged with the poodle. She had a great time on Royal Wedding day at the do in Manchester- the llama trecking the next day wasnt quite so much fun!  What happening to the hen night 'down the disco'??


Got a bit behind with my blogging.  Here is the card I did for my friend Carole for her birthday using a LOTV image in an easel card design.  Made this up 3 times before I got the pinks just right.