WELCOME: Just a bit of nonsense really from a paper crafter and quilter who loves to dabble in all sorts of crafts. It will give me a way of remembering my craft projects - and sharing them with others

24 July 2011


I cant believe how quickly the time flies by. Not found time to blog about my crafty weekend last weekend- not that I was doing any crafting. It is my Mum, Sister and Brother-in-Law who are doing all the creating.  First of all my Mum is working like a demon.  She has all her friends making knitted dolls for a local charity from her area called Realaid.  The dolls are made all in one piece and the arms and legs are sewn into place.  Mum reckons they have made nearly 200 dolls and some teddies so far.

Mum sells her lovely craft items in two craft shops so last weekend we went to the shops to take some new items and pick up takings.  Here is Mum's section of the shop in Filey called Robinsons.  At the moment she is making jewellery bags, sticky note books with fabric covers, stress busters, Bridal stress busters, luxury lavendar bags and bunting.

BIL Phil is making some interesting pieces with drift wood and shells.  Really like the mirrors and his candleholders. Him and my sister are in the first stages of setting up their own business 'That's Nice Crafts' - I really hope it works out for them.

To top off the weekend. Mum and I went to Summer Crafting at Doncaster race course. Didnt go too mad but still bought some nice things and got some inspiration.

12 July 2011


Mr Mojo turned up unexpectedly and I made two cards in record quick time- everything just fell into place.

The first was a 30th Wedding Anniversary card for some dear friends.  The original idea was to cover the numbers 3 & 0 with lots of pearl buttons but when it came down to it I didnt like the effect. Instead I used a card blank I bought as part of a Create and Craft kit I bought in their recent sale.  I used one of my favourite poems, the Art of Marriage, inside as I know my friends will appreciate it. My patience was sorely tried when my trusty ink jet printer ran out of ink and for the first time I used non-HP cartridges and thought the printer was on its last legs. Turns out it was the colour cartridge which was faulty and after 2 returns to the shop I got a good one.

The second card I made on Sunday was for friend Sue.  I used my tried and trusted DM Glamour and Glitz CDs to print off a decoupage sheet and then used one of the papers from a DM magazine for the background.

11 July 2011


I love looking at other people's blogs and feel cheated if I cant log on every day to have a look at my favourites. Not so long ago I found a lovely card which was like a book. There are alot of tutorials to choose from out there so I chose one which was the right size and off I went.  I teamed the book card with images from the DM magazine featuring the regency images- very Jane Austen. Finished it off with a little book mark and gave it to my friend Janet for her birthday.