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11 November 2012

Some Christmas stash

Just come back from a great few days in Berlin.  Used up some of my Air Miles and hubby came too so after my work was finished we had 2 full days to explore and explore we did.  Chilling out today as my walking muscles are all protesting....

Berlin was very Christmasy and I managed to pick up a few items of Christmas stash and cant wait to use them.  Particularly like a mini star book which has magnetic covers and makes into a tree ornament.  Will be getting the ruler out to measure this little baby up so I can do my own version.  Also in the stash are napkins, Christmas tea bags, gold rafia, green and gold ribbon (bought in a very upmarket shop called Ka De We so that I could get a carrier bag), chocolate santas and snowmen and some printed clear bags to make table favours.

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