WELCOME: Just a bit of nonsense really from a paper crafter and quilter who loves to dabble in all sorts of crafts. It will give me a way of remembering my craft projects - and sharing them with others

29 April 2012

Jewel Britannia

Another card made using the MCS Jewel Britannia CD. Again I used a design sheet and added my own embellishments.

Update:  also used the same Design Sheet for Steven's birthday which was whilst he was away in the USA in June.

27 April 2012

Mr Mojo has been my only friend

Not the best weeks it has to be said.... tardy builders, no bath, resignations and uncertainty at work not to mention needing a new clutch for the car. Imagine my surprise then when Mr Mojo decided to pay a visit.  Been turning out cards left, right and centre.

The first was a vintage lady which I used as a Get Well Card for a colleague who has had surgery.  The basic card is a piece of 12x12 paper folded into 4 and decorated with the usual bits and bobs- lace, flowers, doily, a bit of bling and ribbon.

The next is one which uses a Design Sheet from a MCS CD called Cool Britannia (I think).  This is for Carole's birthday on Sunday.  It didnt really require alot of creativity I suppose but it was fun doing it. Keep Calm is very popular and I just heard about a site where you can create posters with your own slogans for free. Check it out here   http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/

13 April 2012

More oldie goldies

Still finding interesting bits and pieces during my determined effort to get on top of the clutter and create a proper craft room for my paper and fabric. Came across this card which I gave to daughter Kat 6 years ago on her 21st birthday.  Love doing special concertina mini album cards like this. Not sure Kat is going to be impressed if she finds out a photo of her in the bath is on the internet!

09 April 2012

Easter Greetings

Seem to have spent the weekend hanging around and not getting anything done.  The bathroom refit has already become a nightmare before the builder has turned up.....

Been spring cleaning and found a few handmade items I have decided to post for posterity (say that quickly 5 times!).  Here is an Easter basket which I found when clearing out and this year I made little bags filled with the most fabulous Swiss chocolates for the people in my department.