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19 August 2011

Hexie with a cheat

I am not 100% comfortable with the hand-sewing but I am getting there. I used to hand sew all the time but I am out of practice and my fingers and eyes are 15 years older.   Until I am really in the swing of it again I thought I would cut out some of the small hand-stitching within the larger shapes by machining some pieces of fabrics together. I have done several strip combinations and this is one of the finished hexies.

 I have also tried a couple of more adventurous foundation pieced combinations like this one.

As I have marked out my shapes on the 60' triangle paper then it will be easy to line up the machined combination to ensure it comes out right.  Fingers crossed.


  1. That final "fingers crossed" in that post really made me laugh!

  2. Your block is great Linda! I did that too for a couple of blocks, but am still piecing the rest of them. I'll post them in Flickr when I finally get time to finish them.

  3. Your "cheat" is a great idea! Looks wonderful.