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04 August 2011


I am a Follower of a very talented quilter who has a blog called Lily's Quilts. Two weeks ago I read on her blog about a summer project for hand-stitching and I was immediately interested, I thought I would join in with the Hexalong and make something using fabrics from my stash.  It's years since I did any English paper piecing and was amazed about the variety of quilts which can be made which are not the traditional hexagons in flower shapes.

First of all I had to sort out the fabrics. I chose some fabrics which I dyed in plastic bags at a workshop and some patterned fabric that I bought ages ago.  I may add some modern fabrics from a stash pack I bought recently - I will see how it goes.

Next I joined the Hexalong Flickr group and learned something about Flickr as I was a complete newbie. (I'm a Picasa fan myself).

Next I needed a bag for the project. I decided to customise an old canvas bag I had and at the same time get used to drawing and using large hexagons as I have decided to go with hexagons with 3 inch sides for my project.

In for a penny... I decided to make pretty box for threads and needles etc.  I might even get round to some sewing soon.  So far its been all Bondaweb and glue.

For details of the Hexalong click HERE

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  1. Cute hexie! Just found you blog from the Hexalong. I am going like crazy but I only have 1 charm pack that I am using so I need to get more fabric soon! You can check mine out on Flickr or my blog. I look forward to seeing more from you.