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03 September 2011

Why cant I throw anything away?

I have a real problem with throwing things away..... even shopping bags would you believe.  I recently bought a designer top in the sales and they put it in a beautiful carrier bag which I couldnt bear to part with.  I decided to make a card and as it was made with double sided paper I decided to use a cross- between an envelope and an easel card. Gave this to Sophie for her birthday.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Linda! I have the same problem. I used to work in a space behind my stairs but it is stuffed with things I just can't throw out and I can't fit myself in there any more! Thanks for the comments on my new boxes. I'm off to make lots of felt today so will hopefully have some available next week. If the reaction on facebook, flickr and my blog is anything to go by I think I will have to make quite a few! Thanks again, Aileen.