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10 January 2012


Not very well at all.  Not sure I am going to bother with 2012 resolutions. If I do I wont be so ambitious.  I have enough stress at work meeting objectives without giving myself more with my crafting.

  • Any Christmas card I send which has not been crafted by 1 December will have to be a bought one- made 75% of my cards but only about 25% of them were done by 1 December. As usual I got stressed. Already bought some Dr B's cards for next year which I will bling up with glitter and some embossing. Only got one hand made card from friends so I am disappointed by that.

  • It is not obligatory to send everyone a hand crafted card so I wont beat myself up if they are not all made by me- dont think I bought a single card 

  • Birthday cards will be posted in plenty of time (no last minute crafting)- still got room for improvement 

  • Every card does not have to be totally unique so I will start making  similar cards if I find a design I am happy with- stuck to this one and used alot of CD images from Debbi Moore

  • I will create a craft room in the third bedroom and give back the dining room- made a start at least-now I am spread out in the third bedroom and the dining room

  • I will make myself a bag using the Klimt inspired fabrics I have - failed

  • I will make a lapquilt with the Clarice Clift fabrics I have- failed. Only managed one quilt and that was done for a birthday present and had to rush at the end.

  • I will continue with my blog and improve the photography of my projects- still have to work on the photography for the blog. I  do have some photos I am proud of and seem to spend a long time messing about editing my photos and filing them. My favourite project of the year was the diary I had done using 52 of my favourite photos.  

  • I will make a start on the job of putting 25 years of holiday photos into scrapbooks - failed

  • I will scan all my hard copy photos for prosterity- failed
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