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28 February 2011

Paper and thread

As this was set up to be a blog to record paper AND thread activities it is about time I included some details of thread projects.  As I haven't done any sewing for quite a while this will be a retrospective look at some of my quilting makes.

The very first quilt I completed was for Kat's 18th birthday (nearly 8 years ago- can you believe it!). It was started at a Chiltern Quilter's workshop run by a member, Sally Stott, and it was a Watercolour Quilt  take on the Rail Fence pattern. Did it lap quilt size and backed it with fleece as I wasn't very confident about quilting it (and I was short on time surprise, surprise!)  She is still using it now.

The next quilt I made was also started at a CQ workshop and was a kaleidescope quilt. This was a single bed size and I gave it to Kat's boyfriend (first love) Chris for his 18th.   I called it Pompeii as he was about to go off to Porstmouth University and the pattern reminded me of Roman mosaic tiles.

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